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Mieshawn Singleton wants to bring good cheer to home buyers

Native Clevelander Mieshawn Singleton knows a few things about connecting people together.

The single mother of two daughters and one son is involved in multiple projects ranging of political operations, to invention and most recently her newest venture is that of local realtor.

Singleton was instrumental producing an after party for the Cavs after game 6 with former NBA star Charles Oakley, right on the heels of preparing for her daughter’s graduation.

Her latest venture with Lokal Realty where she is responsible for buying property, managing property and selling property in Northeast Ohio.

“We also wholesale property to our sister company Great Lakes, and we can do whatever you need as far as real estate is concerned,” said Singleton.

Singleton was born in Cleveland and raised in Twinsburg and all of her family is here in the region, so needless to say she was more than excited about the Cavs winning their first NBA championship.

She also has a connection to LeBron James hometown of Akron, where she attended Akron University.

An aspiring entrepreneur is an inventor of a Shower Ez shower cap, but the problems she faces most is just trying to find time to do everything.

“As a single parent you have to go out and get the bacon and then cook it,” she explained.

In addition, Singleton has always been a landlord because she has investment properties as well.

She credits her faith in God with the success she attained. Singleton has been a member of The Word Church for 13 years.

“I like the business that I am in because I like property and I believe it’s a safe investment. It doesn’t matter whether you are buying your first home or an investor, I feel like I'm doing a good thing because I am providing people an opportunity to own a home.”

This region was hit particularly hard during the housing crash, but Singleton says that it is beginning to bounce back as indicated by the increase in prices.

So, with the Cavs and Northeast Ohio celebrating their first title in 52 years, Singleton wants to continue that joyous trend in moving people into their new homes, right here in the state of champions.


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