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Help Save America-Help Save The World


Donald J. Trump lives the spirit of America

Now is the time for this nation to fulfill its promise


The election in November is about “WE THE PEOPLE”…the American people. It is about how the “establishment,” the system can continue to control and dominate you. Donald J. Trump stands in the way of the system’s continued domination, control and exploitation of “WE THE PEOPLE.” The corrupt rigged establishment, (the system) is working very hard, within the party and outside of the party, to remove him (Trump) by any means necessary. WE THE PEOPLE CANNOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN!!!

Donald J. Trump, the voice of the people, by the people and for the people must be heard and adhered to. Trump, the anti-establishment, non-politician, outsider tells it like it is…he is honest, brave, courageous and bold. He is loyal to the American people…not the system (the establishment), nor to the party….but to AMERICA FIRST!!!

"We are going to create a whole new system… and we will tear this system apart." “America First!!!” “I want to make America great again.” Donald J. Trump, GOP presidential candidate


One America…inclusive of every race, gender, color, creed and religion…UNITED…each for all and all for each…ONE AMERICA!!! This is what the GOP presidential candidate Donald J. Trump stands for…the American people. Trump stands for LAW and ORDER…JUSTICE and FAIR PLAY!!!

Donald J. Trump is leading the will of the people, fighting against the establishment, fighting against an evil, misguided, corrupt, rigged system!!!

"We are going to create a whole new system… and we will tear this system apart." “America First!!!” “I want to make America great again.” Donald J. Trump, GOP presidential candidate

In the creation of a whole new system, the first and foremost task, in making America great again, will be bringing in those “LEFT OUT” of the current corrupt, rigged system…THE WHITE WOMEN AND THE PEOPLE OF COLOR.

The current corrupt system considers the white woman inferior and owned property. The current corrupt, rigged system considers people of color inferior and owned property. INCLUSIVENESS of the “LEFT OUTS” … the white women and the people of color FIRST AND FOREMOST…


The people of color (slaves) and the white women have one common association; and one close association.

1. They both were considered property by a white male dominated society, and

2. They were both considered slaves; they both are treated like slaves; one with mental chains and one with iron,

3. One with false promises, deceitful lies and under false pretenses of love. Same scapegoat blame game

The other one with evil hatred, bigotry, discrimination and divisiveness, with iron chains and felled with the sting of a whip and lash. Draped in lies, falsehoods, inferiority, tied together.

To the men and women of America: The woman’s rights movement is a practical one, demanding prompt and efficient action for relief of oppressive wrongs. The time has come for calling upon the people to reform the evils from which women suffer, by their representatives in legislatives assemblies.

We are the abolitionist of slavery among women and demand emancipation on the soil, not colonization in the clouds. In other words, don’t give them (women) pie in the sky, when they die…women want something sound on the ground while they are around.

Let us reexamine our attitude towards the white woman’s inferiority…let us reexamine our attitude towards the people of color’s inferiority. It is discouraging to think that America, a new nation, conceived in Liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. Thereby leaving out the white woman, who gave birth to the white men who are leading our nation’s government. White leaders that contradict and violate the very essence of freedom and democracy. The denial of the white woman’s God-given inalienable rights, the fundamental right of choice, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; the organic fundamental rights of Liberty, Freedom, Justice and Equality.

Donald J. Trump advocates that the “Whole New System” will correct this egregious error by restoring, to the white woman, her God-given inalienable rights and commits to the American people, a new nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men and all women are created equal. Team Trump, led by Donald J. Trump will affirm that commitment to the American people by including a Bill of Rights for the women and a Declaration of Independence for women spelling out, in detail, the nation’s commitment to them, signed by President Donald J. Trump, should God so bless him with the Oval Office.

Team Trump, led by Donald J. Trump will also commit and affirm to the American people the same commitment of inclusion for the others LEFT OUT, the people of color.

Trump’s “Whole New System” will correct the egregious wrongs, the despicable, abomination of dehumanizing people of color, with lies, falsehoods, and untruths, coupled with negative associations, deceitful manipulations of language to make black lives worthless in order to justify the system’s cruel, barbaric, inhuman, unchristian treatment perpetuated against people of color.


The “Whole New System” will include a Bill of Rights for people of color and a Declaration of Independence for people of color thus giving profound meaning to the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments…And repeal the 3/5 Compromise. A meaning, eminently distinguished by the pioneers of abolition for the work that they have done in the cause of truth and humanity. It is of the foremost importance in the labor of bringing out the equality of the Negro before the law.

We Negroes – African Americans can’t afford the luxury of divisiveness in the issue of needing a “Whole New System’ that GOP presidential candidate Donald J. Trump is calling for. A new system is more important than any other issue confronting us (as a people), as a race and more importantly, as human beings. Your cry of “Black Life Matters too” then we must seize the time and grasp the opportunity to demonstrate the importance of “Black Life Matters too”.

Now is the time for this nation to fulfill its promise


He represents the “will of the American people.” We, especially the people of color, must join The Trump Movement, the “will of the people,” if we want a change of the system. God knows, we people of color, need a whole new system more than any other group in America, the evil, misguided way of life system which considers us inferior and owned property because color prejudice is a contamination, it not only contaminates us but those who will emphasize with our plight and standing up for freedom justice and equality they become contaminated too. A system that dictates that black life is worthless. Unfortunately, we bear witness to this false belief everyday by the killing of black people without compunction or remorse with impunity… and we suffer the excruciatingly painful consequences of their deaths.

Chief Justice Roger Bruce Taney says: “A black man has no rights, that a white man is bound to respect.” That infamous decision remains in hiatusr…but the spirit is that infamous decision is very much alive today.

Now is the time for this nation to fulfill its promise

Now is the time!!!

People of color – Negroes – African Americans, if you think that we can ascertain changes in the context of Liberty, Freedom, Justice and Equality within this corrupt, rigged, crooked system, as Donald J. Trump calls it, after two hundred forty-four years of chattel slavery, one hundred one years of Jim Crow, then you are whistling Dixie. It is mere folly. We can, as we have, ascertain relief by degree, which is quasi-change in a literal sense, but not real change, in a human sense, treating the effects and not the cause, the system (the establishment). Trump is the only man / candidate who has gone after the cause of the disease of white racism, gender racism and color racism.

Donald J. Trump has called out the cancer of racism’s cause…the establishment (the system). He is showing us the system is the enemy. Is it any wonder why they (the establishment – the system) are afraid of him??? The system makes the victims the criminal. White women and people of color, we must join The Trump Movement, the “Will of the People, Donald J. Trump, and fight for our freedom, for our inalienable god-given rights. Prejudice and racism will always be around…but, by joining the “Will of the People” and Donald J. Trump so we can ascertain our God-given inalienable rights as perfect human beings. Then “We the People” can undertake the challenges of racism and prejudice on a level playing field. All Americas coming together to dismantle the corrupt, rigged, crooked system and fulfill the nation’s promise.

Now is the time for this nation to fulfill its promise

"We are going to create a whole new system… and we will tear this system apart." “America First!!!” “I want to make America great again.” Donald J. Trump, GOP presidential candidate

Donald J. Trump’s message is resonating with the American people. He has brought millions of new voters into the GOP Primaries and with the American people’s continued support he will bring millions of new voters into the general election in November.

My fellow Americans, please remember, “We in America do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate. All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.” President Thomas Jefferson

My fellow Americans, we must come together and support Donald J. Trump for opening our eyes to the multifaceted evils of this corrupt, rigged, crooked system. The system is the enemy…not Donald J. Trump. A system that considers white women as inferior. A system that demonstrates that black life is worthless, that black life has no value…that black lives don’t count…THE SYSTEM, THE EVIL CORRUPT, RIGGED SYSTEM (THE ESTABLISHMENT) WHICH PERMITS YOU TO KILL BLACK LIFE WITHOUT COMPUNCTION OR REMORSE WITH IMPUNITY, WITHOUT CONSEQUENCES.

In essence, the entire fabric touching upon gender relations and race relations have to be rewoven…and Donald J. Trump unquestionably is the president to do the reweaving.

The most important issues confronting the white woman and the people of color today are …equality…freedom, inclusion and liberty. The evil, corrupt, rigged, crooked system stands ever ready at the entrance door to block their entrance into reality, by any and all means necessary, at whatever the cost, expense or sacrifice needed to protect the systems control and dominance over the “LEFT OUTS,” the white woman and the people of color. The door to Liberty, Freedom, Justice and Equality must be blocked at all cost, even to sacrificing life itself.

That is why the creation of a whole new system is imperative to all of the American people in general. Donald J. Trump is the man with the plan to make America great again. "We are going to create a whole new system… and we will tear this system apart." “America First!!!” “I want to make America great again.”

Now is the time. Vote for Trump, you are voting for yourself. Vote Trump! Vote Trump! Vote Trump! Let’s take our government back and place it in the hands of the American people.


Now is the time!!!!!

God Bless America

God Bless the American People

God Bless President Barack Obama

God Bless our Military, men and women the Vanguard of our Nation

God Bless our Veterans

God Bless the Fallen but not Forgotten Heroes

1 Corinthians 16:13 “Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong.”

Only in America

Don King


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