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Cavs dilemma: Repeat and Retool

The Cleveland Cavaliers have an interesting decision to make before the end of the week that likely will determine if they repeat as NBA champions.

Do the Cavs stand pat with the roster they have, a mending Kevin Love (again?) and soon to return J.R. Smith or do they tweak what is one of the top to bottom most solid rosters in the league?

The Carmelo Anthony for Love trade rumors have been swirling now for almost three weeks, and while Love is injured they could still cut the deal if the Cavs thought Anthony would give the team a better shot at defeating the prohibitive title favorite Golden State Warriors.

Atlanta’s Paul Millsap is available and may not require surrendering Love in a deal, but LeBron James has openly campaigned for a point guard, and for good reason.

There is not a single player available are in the league besides James, who could prevent the Warriors Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson or Steph Curry from scoring at will.

So, the only way anyone is going to beat Golden State is to outscore them, which means you will require another distributor that would free James and Kyrie Irving from fascinator.

The Knicks are taking calls on Derrick Rose, but what chips to the Cavs have that would intrigue them?

Winning an NBA title is the most difficult thing to do, repeating in this era is almost impossible.

All of the stars have to align following the grind of an 82-game marathon. Then you have to get lucky that none of your core players suffers an injury. The Cavs have already had tow biggies in Smith and Love, and in the meantime the minute meter on James and Irving is clicking.

Lest we not forget that Irving played in the Olympics after the NBA Finals and as remarkable is James is, he has been competitively stubborn in decreasing his minutes.

One also has to be mindful that were talking about sports here, where nothing is given and nothing is guaranteed. Not even the Warriors winning the NBA title.

Their climb will be against a Rockets team and James Harden playing like the MVP of the league, the Spurs and possibly Clippers depending what they decide to do at the trade deadline.

The Cavs on the other had will have the Raptors, Celtics, surging Washington Wizards and the mysterious Atlanta Hawks.

Toronto acquired Serge Ibaka from Orlando with their eyes on unseating the Cavs.

No matter what happens this season, the Cavs will not be a rebuilding mode next season that will never happen with any LeBron James team. But they will retool.

The Cavs reached the mid point of the season with 39 victories and 16 defeats and a 3 game cushion over the Celtics in the East.

Only three team won more games than Cleveland, Golden State (47-9), San Antonio (43-13) and Houston (40-18).

I like the chances of any team in a seven game series that has LeBron James in uniform, and as we witnessed from last season anything can happen from there.

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