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Briggs makes runs for School Board

She’s young and a single mother of two, but with all of the time she’s invested into her children and schools in Cleveland Heights, it is those ingredients and more that makes Tiera Briggs, 33, a prime candidate for a board seat on Cleveland Heights -University Heights School District.

“I am running to advocate for equity in the district to make sure that those who feel under represented have a voice on the board,” said Briggs.

A graduate of Cleveland Heights High School, Briggs has been a paramedic for 12 years. She is also a small business owner, operating 'For Goodness Cakes'.

Briggs has been involved with PTA for 10 years in the elementary schools, middle school and Vocal Arts Parent Organization (VAPO) at the high school level in Cleveland Heights.

“My main goals are to advocate for equity, help the district improve its communication, to ensure fiscal responsibility and to build trust within the community.”

“I'm mainly running for the Board of Education because I hope to advocate for and promote Equity within the district. As I’ve found my voice over the years I have learned to use it to speak up for families like my own. I know that voices like mine aren't always heard. Those of us who are living in or near poverty, who may not have partners to help carry the load, who may not have the social, political or economic capital that some parents enjoy. . . we make up the majority of families in this district and our experiences and perspectives must be listened to and considered if our schools are to succeed.”

“I also believe in the greatness of the CHUH schools, but I also know we face challenges and I am ready and eager to tackle those. In my professional life, as a paramedic, I’ve had to make stressful, difficult decisions. And I’m able to do that by looking at the facts, weighing the pros and cons, and coming to a clear-headed conclusion without letting emotion get in the way. I intend to do the same if I’m lucky enough to serve on our Board of Education.”


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