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Trending towards insignificance

Cavaliers star LeBron James will leave for Los Angeles following the season, Francisco Lindor will not be able to carry the Indians as they fall from their lofty perch and Sashi Brown and Hue Jackson will get the last laugh when the Cleveland Browns finally turn it around and become the best pro team in Ohio.

It was only a year ago and the City of Cleveland was the center of the sports universe. The Cavs and native son LeBron James brought the title starved city its first crown in a half a century, the Indians teased a follow-up in an epic game 7 World Series collapse and the Browns were hiring the coveted Hue Jackson to become its head coach.

This crafty segregated region was all beating the same drum, basking in being the most loyal fans of this small, often ignored city that we know as Cleveland, in 2016.

However during bye gone years the city and its fans have been a symphony of sadness, brutal beat downs and heartbreaks frozen in the grey dawn of a bitter winter.

The year of ’16 was followed up with lofty expectations and fist pumping giddy fans pointing to an NBA Finals sequel and aspirations of eliminating the ghost of ’48 as the Indians would finally capture the World Series in 2017.

After a 0-16 stinker, a promising Browns draft class offered a glimpse of hope for what has become the worst franchise in professional sports.

This year is when the return to reality began to sink in for Cleveland. The prohibitive World Series favorite Indians got bumped in the first round, Cavs young star Kyrie Irving demanded to be traded, the Browns missed on their franchise quarterback Deshaun Watson and the rest of this Tale from CLE is yet to be written.

However, I do have an idea of how it might turn out.

The Cavs as you know them are done. Kid Kyrie just beat King James out the door, landing on a peddle of cloves in Boston.

Regardless of how optimistic anyone is and I was among those, LeBron James is soon going to be gone following the season.

There are some, mainly white folks who are saying good riddance. While the brothers and sisters are pleading that he stays.

He’s outta here and off the Los Angeles to tutor the Lakers Lonzo Ball.

Let’s be honest, even if James lead the Cavs to another NBA title, what would it actually mean?

He will soon be 33, and he cannot continue to gobble of minutes without there being consequences to his body physically.

However, I for one does not believe that his transition to the West Coast is all centered on basketball, but more importantly I believe that it is driven more by his philosophy of how he views life from a political perspective.

As wildly popular as LeBron James is, and believe me it is way off the charts. Imagine what it could and would be if his brand was in Los Angeles? Cleveland and Miami are nice little joints, but we are talking about the mother of them all now.

LeBron the liberal will say goodbye to Cleveland.

Meanwhile, the Indians will fight for a Wildcard berth in the next season, and lost their stronghold on the division to the Kansas City Royals and the Minnesota Twins.

Manager Terry Francona will retire due to health reasons and it will be reboot all over again for the Tribe.

Finally, the Browns fans will continue to panic as if they would be satisfied by a mere few wins here and there, but Jimmy Haslam will stay true to his commitment and the Browns will become the Houston Astros of the NFL.

Not sure it will result in a Super Bowl, but all of the stars are aligned for the Cleveland Browns if they can just ignore the noise and keep losing.

I know it doesn’t sound promising to most of you, but the only way to fix the Browns is the method they are going about achieving it. There is no other way.

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