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Happy New Year 2018 Thank you Costco

Your wonderful staff greatly contributed to making the Don King Christmas Turkey Tour for the needy a smashing success.

Especially Chris Chin Young whose help and assistance was unparalleled. Along with, Kim Serrara, the very competent and highly talented record-keeper of turkey distribution. She illustrated the honor integrity of accountability and did Costco’s proud in her representation of, and her dedication to her company (Costco). Her Christmas spirit and compassion for “the needy” was unexcelled. Then, Ed Wiegman skillfully brought the team together and demonstrated his superior managerial and supervisory talent in doing Costco proud by accomplishing its mission.

Thank you Team Costco

Happy New Year, Chris Chin Young, Kim Serrara, Ed Wiegman, Dani Lauro, Charline Schmidt and the great Allan Siddons,

Only in America

Don King

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