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New Birth swings open new doors for Christ

The City of Cleveland and all along the coast of Northeast Ohio stands churches and historical places for worship and spiritual fellowship, but last Sunday a new albeit old place of worship opened anew.

Under the guidance of one of the most passionate orators in Christian Ministry Pastor A. F. Caver, New Birth Christian Fellowship Assembly began its new place of worship service at the longstanding location of 9114 Miles Park in Cleveland.

While it’s location may be new, many of its followers and many of the new parishioners have being learning the gospel of Christ from Rev. Caver long before he returned back to the region, from Oakwood to two other temporary locales near its new home for worship.

The common dominators are the mastery pastoral skills of Rev. Caver and its sensation musical assembly which has been a dynamic attraction for the saving of souls for many years.

None of it would be possible without the steadfast support of retired Cleveland Police Sergeant, Minister Dale Edwards, the Executive Director of the Call & Post Newspaper.

“Cleveland is my home, it is where I have endured my greatest challenges and also received my humble success. I love the ministry and I love help introduce my fellow Clevelanders to Christ. New Birth is just what it says, a new and beautiful beginning,” said Min. Edwards

New Birth Christian Fellowship Assembly holds service each Sunday at 2p.m., beginning with Sunday school at 12p.m. Choir Rehearsal on Monday at 6p.m. and prayer service on Wednesday at 7p.m. All are welcome.

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