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Hybrid musician Drew Vision has arrived

Academy Tavern welcomes him to Cleveland

The intimate gathering at the vintage black owned Academy Tavern nestled on Larchmere Blvd. waited with abated breath for the curly locks of the vastly talented musician prominently known as Drew Vision.

Born in New York and now residing in Los Angeles, the two entertainment capitols of America, Drew Vision felt it paramount that he made this impromptu visit the Cleveland, a town recognized for its devoted sports fans, rich theatre, cultural arts community and the historical Severance Hall.

Mind you he was not here in Cleveland to perform for the masses, that day can come at another time, this was his personal introduction.

Thus on this mid summer night in front of invited guest which included the influential Valarie McCall, Chief of Communications, Government & International Affairs for the City of Cleveland and Mayor Frank G. Jackson, Ward 6 Councilman Blaine A. Griffin and others, Drew Vision arrived shy of a couple hours before midnight.

Wearing vertical pinstriped short sleeve collarless shirt and jeans, Drew Vision made his quiet appearance, but was quickly engulfed and rushed for pictures and autographs before he could say hello.

“I have been getting so much love since I’ve been out here and I’m only here for the first time,” he explained. “I’m here at the Tavern to share my stuff for a few fans who have already being hearing my music on Spotify.”

McCall was primarily responsible and instrumental in the invitation for bring the dynamic soothing soul stirring R&B, Jazz artist to The CLE, and as he indicated, “When somebody calls I come.”

However, Drew Vision is not a new voice on the entertainment scene, his music voice-overs can be heard on a variety of romantic scenes in the OWN Ambition series, but that is just a very small sample of what he has to offer.

‘I’ve been doing this for a long time and as a black man I have a lot to say and I’ve watching what’s going on in the world so I just want to have more of a positive message in my music and it doesn’t always have to be about what sin rappers are doing on the radio.”

He earned TIDAL Rising Artist of the Week in December 2018, garnering rave reviews his new album, “Hybrid” that embodies his creative pursuit, seamlessly blending R&B, pop and soul, revolutionizing his unique sound and lyrical direction over his four previous studio albums.

Drew Vision hails from Queens, NY where he went to college as voice major, studying different languages, Italian, Spanish, and Opera.

Then he made his way to California where he began acting in a variety of commercials, writing songs for television including Ambition and The Games People Play.

He has set his sights high, and with the accumulation of star model looks, acting, singing, writing and acumen, the sky is the limit.

“I want to be a household name, I want people to know who I am before I die. I want to be a person who has left a lasting and positive impact on the world. I see myself being in movies and on television just known as a likeable person who has made contributions to society to such places as Africa and people who have less.”

He believes that he is destined to do the work of God.

It is that genuine humbleness which has been both his greatest asset and perhaps his determent in an industry where sex, shamelessness, rude and cruel sells. How doe’s the nice guy fit in?

Drew Vision has been on the journey for more that 10 years and has seen and experienced the ebbs of highs and lows that unfold under the industry umbrella.

Artist fighting with their record labels, those who have top chart hits and can’t pay their rent, those who are filthy rich and miserable and on and on.

“I don’t have any hits and I’m happy. I love what I do. I model in commercials, so I found happiness without depending on it solely,” he explained.

“If I had been a known name years ago, I am not sure that I would have been as aware of the many pitfalls that I am aware of today. I’ve learned from other people mistakes and my time will come. People will come to hear my music and my message in it and appreciate it. I am not in a rush for any of that to happen.”

Drew Vision manager Ron King deserves much of that credit for his client maintaining his even keel when the magnetisms of Vision can be an attraction for things that may not be good for business.

He grew up on a lot of old school music and was inspired by Stevie Wonder and he learned from him to embrace whom he is and not allow for the outside to tarnish his inside.

Usher is also one of his idols, another multi talented mega star who like Stevie Wonder was just as successful in other ventures beyond his musical talents.

Drew Vision contends that he is not close to being there, but the foundation that he has already established for himself is one that is solid as a rock and as he continues to hone his skills and introduce his music to a wider audience he will hopefully look back and reflect years from now on his enormous impact on the industry and society at large.

It’s not a dream vision, It’s a DREW VISION!

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