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A Brief Perspective A Year in Review, 2019

As the world turns and time takes its toll, another year has passed and gone. Another year of serendipitous occurrences highlighted our calendars with an etch time cannot erase. I have witnessed events that saddened us, others that gladdened us, and yet there were many others that made us stand in awe at the wonders of God. We witnessed our loved ones pass on, men, women and children. I have had to wipe away tears and yet go on to deal with the trauma of trouble in one form or the other. Experiences have come, some that will forever mark the year of 2019, a year we will remember. I recall that Rep. Elijah Cummings passed on.

Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump met for a Summit – World Power Leaders of Nuclear Age. Justice Melody J. Stewart becomes first African-American Supreme Court Justice, State of Ohio and W. Mona Scott won with 55% of the vote as Clevelanders elected her as the first African-American Housing Court Judge in Cleveland. Brendan Sheehan selected to become the next Administrative Judge of the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas, and part of his responsibility will include on-going debates over bail reform and the future of the County Jail.

Robert Smith, a billionaire, announced during his commencement address at Morehouse College that his family would provide grants to wipe out the student debt of the entire 2019 graduating class. Robert Smith is the founder and CEO of Vista Equity Partners, a private equity firm that invests in software, data and technology-driven companies. Singer R. Kelly was jailed under a criminal indictment. The Cuyahoga County Jail was declared in violation of jail standards.

Mayor Annette Blackwell from Maple Heights swore in the first African-American Paramedic/Firefighter, Aaron Cammon and the United States Government shut down for 35 days. Civil Rights Icon Dr. E.T. Caviness accepts the Dr. Martin Luther King Community Service award. Senators Cory Booker and Kamala Harris respectively made their historical presidential bids.

Ava DuVernay directed the Netflix film “When They See Us” and the Central Park Five or Exonerated Five, as they are referred to now, attended the Emmys and because this was so powerful and their innocence never got more attention than their guilt I must mention them by name. They are Raymond Santana, Kevin Richardson, Korey Wise, Yusef Salaam, and Antron McCray who also took the stage at the BET Awards in June 2019. Another historic win as 5 Black Women now hold the top pageant crowns, congratulations once again to Miss America, Miss USA, Miss Universe, Miss World, and Miss Teen.

The Cleveland Indians was the host of the All-Star game at Cleveland Progressive Field. General Manager John Dorsey of the Cleveland Browns gives Cleveland native Kareem Hunt a second chance and now we have a fired Coach Kitchens and so many other stories and events that mark the year 2019. The Cleveland Cavaliers continue to grow. Personally speaking, I have confidence in the team owner Dan Gilbert, and CEO Len Komoroski who are winners within their own rights and I am certain that they will make the Cavaliers nothing less.

In conclusion, numerous events took place during the year 2019, far more than I have mentioned in this article. One thing is however certain; we have come a long way. We have endured our struggles and troubles and it is my belief beyond all doubt that we have the potential and the propensity to make the year 2020 an even greater experience.

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