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Community Faith Collaborative Blesses Community with allotment of Food

On Saturday, April 17, the Community Faith Collaborative, under the Leadership of Bishop Omar Medina, collaborated with Eastside Churches that included Greater Abyssinia and Shiloh Baptist Church to continue their weekly food distribution to the community. The Community Faith Collaborative works with the Farmers to Families Federal program to deliver Resources to the community.

Colin Jackson, Director of Minority Engagement for the local GOP, was deputized to help with the distribution of the 1200 fresh produce boxes to the eastside of Cleveland in cooperation with Rev. E.T. Caviness and the rest his team of deacons. The new Shepard at Shiloh Baptist, Dr. Lisa Maxine Goods, made a splash by mobilizing her congregation to distribute their own 1200 lot of food. In addition, partners in the community help distribute, cover the logistic cost, and promote both events.

Bishop Omar continues to deliver vital resources to the community, even now working on getting the COVID-19 vaccine and other resources to our community. Need has no boundaries. Yet he says that he can only do that with the support of the community as a whole, "Therefore it is important that we continue to be willing to cross bridges between the Eastside and the Westside and find that common ground that unite us." says Bishop Medina.

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