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WBA Heavyweight Championship: Guidry Ready to Shock World;Bryan Plans for Short Night

HOW LONG…NOT LONG: (From left) WBA Heavyweight Champion ‘The Dream’ Trevor Byan stands with his iconic promoter Don King and undefeated challenger Jonathan Guidry at The Grand Resort during the final press conference on ‘Don King Day’ January 26 in Warren, Ohio. (Don King Productions Photo)

By Kenneth Miller

Jonathan Guidry (17-0-2) may be unheralded coming into his challenge for the WBA heavyweight Championship on ‘Return to Greatness’ Saturday night January 29 at WD Packard Music Hall in Warren, Ohio, but the champion Trevor Bryan (21-0) plans to make short work of his foe.

When Guidry got the call from famed boxing promoter Don King, his first thoughts was; “It’s a dream come true.”

“I’ve been waiting for this opportunity all my life so we are ready to fight,” Guidry said.

The day laborer who works for his father shrimp and crab boat in Dulca, Louisiana is earning more money for this fight than he has in all of his other fights combined.

“It’s a bit of surprise that I’m here, but I think I have been fighting for this my whole life. The only bad thing is fighting part time, but I love fighting and I love the competition and I think we are going to do real good in this fight and bring that belt back home.”

He declares to be in the best shape of his life for this fight and is fully prepared to be the nightmare in Bran’s dream.

Bryan on the other hand reflected on his defeat of Guidry when they were amateurs.

“To tell you the truth this is actually a rematch. Me and Jonathan Guidry actually fought in the amateurs and I believe, I don’t know if I stopped him or if it was just a regular win for me. Now we are in the professionals and I am not going to leave it to no decision. This is a stepping road for me and he’s the road block and I am going to trat this man like he came into my house and tried to steal something. That’s plain and simple. We don’t take threats from nobody and that’s how we respond to everybody that comes to me and sign a contract and has a right to come into the ring with me,” explained Bryan.

The heavyweight title is arguably the most coveted prize in the world and now that Bryan has the WBA crown the responsibility has heightened.

“This is a dream that has been manifested from day one since I signed with Don King. The 10 years that it took me to get to this point doesn’t even matter now. This is where my legacy starts.”

Byan is also well aware of the similarities between him and former Hall of Fame WBC champion Larry Holmes, who is like a son to Don King.

“Larry Holmes is my idol. I can say my journey is my journey and I can look up to all the other heavyweight champions in the world and say, man, they went through similar stuff like me, but ‘The Dream’ went through what ‘The Dream’ went through.”

He concluded by emphatically stating; “Because I went through all of that now I have to inflict this pain on the rest of these guys. I here to show these people I am here to stay and I am a true champion.”

Guidry vs Bryan will be the co-main event on Saturday night at WD Packard Music Hall.

Fans will have two great ways to check out the action. In person at W.D. Packard Music Hall in Warren with tickets starting as low as $80, $550, $350, $250, $175 are available at the box office or at, or on,, and FITE.TV for just $49.99.

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